About Us

You may be mobile,

But your trust will be safely invested

In packers and movers forever!

Packers and Movers Surat is one of the most renowned and largest logistics service providers in the entire Surat as well as in India. We are known for the completion of our commitments on time. Packers and Movers Surat found its roots backs in 2016 from a small mobility company to a big omnipresent company today. Our initial notion of mobility was inclusive of basic household goods transportation but with time, owing to the dynamic requirements of our customers, we updated our services hence, developing different kinds of mobility services. Our growth in terms of services and goodwill speaks for the quality of service providers we are. Having had an immense expansion within a span of 5 years, we of course had a lot of complications over time, but owing to the stern decisiveness and b vision of the company experts, we successfully dominate the logistics industry today.

Our Services:

Our customers are likely to find rarely any company in this industry that has witnessed a rate of growth as ours. We have broadened our service area like none other in our competitive industry. As aforementioned, we started from household transportation and now we have added several other services in our niche ranging from car transportation to warehousing services. Ahead of that, we also have our stake in several international shifting service provision. We are termed as the most dynamic and customer-friendly solution designers for our customers. We understand that all our customers have got unique needs, and hence, need custom tailored solutions to have their needs satisfied. Our detailed and minute vision of the market has today made us one of the biggest service provider in the market. Ranging from Aviation logistics, to ODC transportation, we do all that our customers and clients demand us to do. Our service providing is a hassle-free process not because of a b managerial expertise but because of the resources that we keep in readiness and availability! It is inclusive of everything from huge trucks to different size and shapes of boxes in which all your valuables are made to fit safely.

Our branches in India:-

When we say, we are readily available, we mean it. To facilitate our consumers with the best in the market, we have a b omnipresence around you. This is inclusive of our vivid branches in different cities of the country. Also, we have named our company keeping in mind the due convenience of the customers, and clients. We have a dominating stand in the markets of huge metropolitan cities like Surat, Delhi, Bombay, Visakhapatnam, Lucknow, Bangalore, etc.

Our clientele base:-

Packers and Movers Surat boasts off a huge clientele base in the industry. We have a list of clients who have their strong trust invested in us for years now. Whenever it's about shifting, they know packers and movers would come ahead to have them their most effective solution designed. Our clients are both national as well as international. To reckon some of them, we have Speed Well Cargo, Euro packers, etc on international footing and Manish Packers and Krishna Packers on a national footing!